Total Recall- No thanks, I Prefer Forgetting


What’s in a name? Apparently nothing because after seeing the Len Wiseman remake of Total Recall, it is clear he and his producers gave no thought to how to make this film great. It seems this day in age, that with competent actors and more than lovely CGI/digital effects, that all that’s left to do is write a story filled with depth and passion- unfortunately this is something that Total Recall lacks.

After viewing this two hour Kate Beckinsale acting reel (seriously, why was there so much of her face?!?!), it didn’t even seem worth the effort to review an obvious B movie that Hollywood haphazardly mashed together. However, after a long walk home it was decided that, while unpleasant to do, it is necessary to express ones growing disappointment in the dressed up schlock “directors” insist on pumping out year after year.

I am disappointed. I assume Philip K. Dick would be as well, although being the paranoid man he was… he probably saw this coming.